A View From The Floor - A trip to Lochgoilhead

The Scottish countryside is a wondrous place. 

How I had lived for 24 years without having ever set foot upon it, I shall never know. A baffling fact considering my relative proximity - but alas, it is often true that the most beautiful of things are hiding right in front of you.

Fauna of the Scottish countryside

I visited in Spring last year with a few select family members in tow, and was completely and utterly enamoured with the absolute mass of trees (for I am a lifelong fan of a tree mass). Little did I know there would be so many of them awaiting me when we reached the wonder that is Lochgoilhead.

During the few short days we were there, most of our time was spent outdoors. Lochs swiftly became, and still remain, one of my favourite things (namely the utter bliss of swimming within them). Bodies of water suspended in an immense landscape - what could actually be better than that I ask you!?

Jimmy & Fran (my walking crew)

When we weren’t traversing the wooded hills, we cooked, talked and sat by the fire. Post dinner, my family, as many families can be, are partial to a board game.

I, on the other hand, remain unconvinced by their function and purpose despite a lifetime of people trying to convince me otherwise.

So when the evening starts to head in this direction, I can usually be found sat close enough to interject with ill advised commentary, but instead of contributing in any useful way, I will be adding to one of my many sketchbooks.

From this particular stint of unsolicited interjections into a game I was not technically playing, was born an illustration of the curious chair that sat before me.

Another addition to the drawings that serve as my diary of ‘things I occasion upon’ 

More to follow . . .

'A View From The Floor'

Limited edition prints of ‘A View From The Floor’ can be purchased via my website.

Mass of trees ! ! !

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