Copenhagen Sustainable Fashion Summit

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Copenhagen in May , Shot of Minolta x-300 © Hannah Grace

The Copenhagen Sustainable Fashion Summit which took place this May meant a fun few days of helping out at the event and wondering the streets of the city.

Walking around in Copenhagen is not easily comparable to a lot of other cities I have visited. There is such as sense of space which makes the whole experience a calm and easy one - not to mention the instantaneous happiness from the warmly toned yellow and orange buildings that line the streets. Glorious, I reckon!

There is so much to see in such a lovely city. The humungous statue of Mary Thomas* on the waterfront was a particular highlight and the botanical gardens are a must for any designer/plant enthusiastic/general lover of nature !

* “I am Queen Mary” The statue depicts Mary Thomas who led a revolt against Danish colonial rule in the Caribbean.

The Summit itself really reflected that the importance of sustainable practices are becoming more mainstream, which is so heartening! So many people are really invested in creating solutions to create a more viable industry and I’m so enthralled by the spirit of it. (Personal highlights being the ‘pineapple leather’ I came across, and learning that Salvatore Ferragamo are set to be the first luxury brand to use a silk alternative made from orange fibres!)

Awareness of a problem, followed by motivation of individuals have to be the first steps to fostering meaningful change.

Pineapple Leather at the Sustainable Fashion Summit (by company Ananas Anam)

Silk Scarf by Salvatore Ferragamo : soon to be using a sustainable alternative to silk made from orange fibres !

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